Field of Dreams

We have been working on something very magical with our friends at 1912 Aromatherapy which we are so excited to finally share with you!

Introducing F I E L D O F D R E A M S ~ a beautiful aromatherapy spray created by 1912 Aromatherapy for Wymbin Yoga. This mist is made from sweetgrass grown in Alberta, organic lavender, and buttercup flower essence is especially created for Savasana and relaxation before bedtime or meditation.

Shelagh Lenon, founder of 1912 Aromatherapy and Jenna Galloway, founder of Wymbin, met when Gracie, Shelagh's daughter, began taking yoga lessons with Jenna at the age of 12. 5 years later, Gracie is now a certified Youth Yoga Instructor and teaches with Wymbin, also leading our camps.

Formulated with love & wisdom, the Field of Dreams Savasana Spray is handcrafted in small batches from quality, pure natural ingredients and is extremely safe for children. The mist captures feelings of summer, wonder, curiosity, warmth, magic, childhood exploration, sunlight through tree leaves, fresh natural surroundings, and comfort.

The Field of Dreams spray is a product of artisanal aromatherapy- created in the local 1912 Aromatherapy studio. The scent of sweetgrass reminds us of fresh spring rain on the prairie

and the scent of lavender adds a floral-herbaceous note.

Field of Dreams is now available at the Wymbin Yoga Studio in Inglewood in a 50mL bottle.


Wildcrafted Alberta Prairie Sweet Grass Hydrosol, steam distilled from the aromatic Hierochloe odorrata plant which is known to be balancing and grounding.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil is gentle, tranquil, calming to the mind and comforting.

Buttercup flower essence strengthens feelings of self-worth and the ability to experience your own inner light and uniqueness.

Solubol is a natural, plant-based dispersant that dissolves essential oils into water/hydrosols evenly.

We will be using the Field of Dreams Savasana Spray during the end of our classes this summer! The spray is handcrafted in small batches, so make sure to get yours while they are here!

All photographs taken by Michelle Piccione.

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