Wymbin Learn

A box of happiness, learning + adventure, delivered right to your door!

Preschool - Grade 1

Welcome to Wymbin Learn

Wymbin Learn is designed by our educators for children aged preschool to Grade 1 to simplify at-home learning for parents.

We know that with the onset of COVID-19, many parents have been left trying to balance their responsibilities with keeping their kiddos occupied, which is why we worked quickly to create this comprehensive solution. Wymbin Learn eliminates the need for planning activities, crafts and lessons and we've already sourced out all the materials you need.


With the purchase of a box, you will receive:

  • An entire month's worth of activities and learning for your child 

  • Materials for each activity, detailed instructions and learning outcomes

  • A suggested program plan

  • Two live yoga classes per week (via Zoom)

June Box - 'Wild Wonder'

Nature is a special place to discover and it is our home! 

Mother Nature is also one of our greatest teachers offering infinite ways to support a child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Let's explore the great outdoors and the details of the natural world around us, together.  

Our June Wymbin Learn box is filled with opportunities for curiosity, gratitude, mindfulness, appreciation and connection to Earth. We want to make bringing the wonders of Nature into your child's learning both easy and fun. You will be provided with resources and hands on activities to help your child carefully observe, respect and care for all things found in Nature. Every part of our planet, no matter where you live, has creeping, crawling creatures, wide open skies, water in all forms, and things that bloom and bud.  
We can't wait for you to have big adventures in your very own little kingdom.

Wymbin LEARN Philosophy

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