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Welcome to Wymbin.
Good things grow here.

Elevating wellness & education for youth.

We believe that positive change starts with the smallest of citizens. By starting with today’s youth, together we can change the world.

We recognize that; each child is unique and everyone experiences and looks at the world differently.


We believe it is our purpose to ensure that every child has access to tools and skills that will allow them to access their full potential - through community, education, connection, and building capacity.

We focus on:

  • Mental health + wellbeing (upstream, preventative approach)

  • Community + collaboration

  • Connection (to self, to others, to the environment + the world)

  • Building resilience + problem solving

  • Social + emotional development


Why youth need our programming:

  • To learn skills that are imperative to the optimal success and wellbeing of each child

  • Provide youth with the knowledge and tools to tackle daily challenges + life

  • Develop opportunities for connection, community, and giving back to contribute to more responsible, caring + courageous individuals

  • Increase self-awareness + other social-emotional tools that allow youth to confidently problem solve 

  • Take an ‘upstream’ approach to health and education… equip kids with the tools and skills they need. Prevent bigger problems from arising by eliminating barriers to accessing programming. 

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