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Teacher Training

Find your purpose as a youth yoga instructor.

Let each breath move you.

Now, more than ever, children and teens need support with mental health, social emotional regulation, and learning how to be resilient when faced with challenges. Wymbin offers Yoga Alliance Certified Trainings and Continuing Education Workshops that are engaging, meaningful, and impactful.


Learn how to be a Kids & Youth Yoga Instructor today- no previous experience is required to start your journey!

Why Train with Wymbin?

Your training with Wymbin will take you to new heights and inspire you to take positive action in the world! 

Over the past 7 years, we have trained over 830 instructors and built additional training opportunities to support your learning. 

We have provided training sessions at the Calgary Teacher's Convention and are a recommended training for teachers by the CBE. 


Our Trainings are Yoga Alliance Certified and have been crafted by our diverse, experienced faculty. 

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"I would strongly recommend Wymbin's Yoga Teacher Training programs to anyone interested in exploring children's yoga. The leaders were so friendly and knowledgeable which made for an amazing learning environment. From day one I felt accepted and supported- despite not having had any prior yoga teacher training. It was the perfect introduction! 

The activities we did felt purposeful and taught me about a large variety of yoga aspects such as the benefits of children's yoga, incorporating mindfulness, alignment strategies, lesson planning and much more.

The Wymbin instructors truly cared about my journey both as a kids yoga teacher, and as a person. I am very grateful for the knowledge that I have gained and the memories I have made."

- Molly Julian

Training Philosophy: Connection

Who are the teachers you remember from when you were young? They are the ones that had some sort of connection to you. 


Maybe they had a big impact on the direction of your life, or opened a door that you didn't even know existed.​

Our whole training and learning philosophy revolves around connection with our students - because when you are able to reach a child, you can teach them to love learning and support their growth. It's truly a privilege to teach yoga to young people and families. 


Whether you are a parent wanting to bring yoga into your child's life, a teacher looking to incorporate stress management in the classroom, a yoga teacher looking to expand your outreach, or new to the world of teaching, these training modules are for you! For everyone.

Training Modules

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"I'm thankful to say that I have taken both the Upakarma & Vrddhi Teacher Trainings with Wymbin. I loved both! The time was spent making connections, learning, creating and growing. I am at the beginning of my journey with yoga and I can't think of a better way to have begun. I have been working with children for the past 10 years and I feel that the training has given me a new perspective that I can now share with my students. I highly recommend calling the studio with any questions you have- you'll be pleasantly surprised!

- Elaine Little

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