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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I drop off earlier than 9am? 

Our program runs from 9am-4pm. Our teachers open the doors approximately 5 minutes before class times. We do offer Before Care from 8am-9am but this is limited to 6 students. If you wish to be added to our Before Care waitlist, please let us know! Unfortunately, we do not offer additional care outside of these times. 


I am nervous about my child needing time to adjust and get used to being at an unparented program. How does Wymbin support parents through this process?


We can definitely understand that starting an unparented program can be a big transition for families! We want to reassure you that it is completely common to feel this way- for both children and parents! It can be a tough transition for little ones to go from spending lots of time with their family, to moving into a new and unfamiliar environment. Our teachers are very gentle, and we are happy to take the time to ensure that children feel comfortable as they enter the classroom. When the first day is met with a bit of hesitation, we invite parents to come into the classroom with the child and interact for 10-15 minutes. After this time, we see if parents are able to leave the room (and also have a front waiting area where you are welcome to sit for a little bit to see how your child responds). We work together with you to slowly transition your child until they feel confident to come into the class all by themselves.  


How old does my child need to be to enter the Jr. Kindergarten program?


We accept children 4 years of age to our Jr. Kindergarten program. Earlier acceptance is at the discretion and recommendation of the classroom teacher and parents & guardians. We love to work collaboratively with parents & guardians to ensure that we place your child in the best class where they can thrive.  


How do teachers communicate with parents?


Communication is key to sustainable learning- after all, it is a team effort! We use an app called 'HiMama' which we use as a 'window' to our classrooms. Teachers are able to directly communicate with parents via this app and send parents real-time updates on important moments, photos, videos, and other special classroom moments to share. We also send out a monthly e-newsletter. 


Do you provide snacks and/or lunches?


We do not supply snacks or lunches, parents provide two snacks and a lunch each day. We are a nut-free facility.


Do children need to be potty trained?


We encourage children to be toilet trained upon starting the program. We ask parents to please pack an extra pair of clothes just in case. Our teachers are happy to help, but we also like to work together with parents to encourage children to practice or try first :)

What is your approach to addressing and/or redirecting behaviour?


We gently guide children when they are experiencing big emotions. This is one of the great qualities that makes our program so brilliant for young learners. Understanding emotions and how to deal with feelings is an important part of our classroom. Teachers gently guide children and ask them what they need when they are experiencing big emotions. We offer children the ability to find a quiet space and have a teacher sit with them, breathe with them, talk, or read so that the student can take a break. Once the student feels calm, the teacher and student talk together about the situation.


How much yoga do the kids do? Are they practicing yoga everyday?


We typically integrate yoga into each day- this could look like a breathing exercise, a 'quiet time' meditation, an adventure-filled 30 min yoga class, or a game involving yoga poses! Our most important focus is allowing the children time to move and stretch each day. We spend a lot of time outdoors, dancing, playing, and having fun! We follow the Alberta FLIGHT curriculum in addition to our own curriculum which we have developed with educational experts over the years to include aspects of social and emotional regulation, nature, physical literacy, and community. School readiness is a big focus for our program, and we support students in ensuring they have the skills needed to enter school with a very well rounded foundation. 


Can I book a tour of the space? 


We provide on-site tours Monday - Friday at 4:15pm. Please let us know if you would like to book a time to view the space. 


What are the class sizes? What are the ratios of teachers to students?

We follow licensing regulations and for our younger class, our ratio is 1:8, for our older class, our ratio is 1:12 maximum. We always have 2 teachers in the classroom at one time. Our younger room has a maximum capacity of 16 students, our older room has a maximum capacity of 19 students. 


How do I register?


If you have any questions about your child attending Wymbin, please call our studio or email Amy at If you feel ready to start registration, simply click 




This link will take you to Lillio. You will be asked to answer a couple of questions about yourself and the child you are registering. Once complete, we will be notified and able to either register your child to a class or add them to a waitlist. If continuing registration, you will be asked to complete documents. You can either complete these forms electronically or print and scan them. Once registered, we charge a one-time registration fee of $75+gst that is required to secure your place in the program. This will be invoiced through Himama. If you have any issues or questions about registering, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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