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Join us on the mat at our Inglewood studio.


6 week sessions of yoga, mindfulness + movement for all ages and skill levels!

Please note we do not offer make up sessions as our classes are run in series.

We recommend attending a minimum of 2 beginner 6-week series before moving to the advanced level for your child’s age group (advanced classes will be added to the schedule for our Spring 2024 session).

2024 Winter & Spring Class Schedule



9-11am PlaYoga

(Ages 3 & 5)

9:15-10am Little Yogi’s

(Ages 4 & 5)

10:15-11am Yoga Stars

(Ages 6 & 7)

11:05am-12:05pm CALM

(Ages 8 - 10)

12:15-1:15pm Balance

(Ages 11 - 14)


9:30-10.15am Family Yoga

(Ages 6 & under)

10:15-11.15am Family Yoga

(Ages 7 & up)

11:30am-12:30pm Parent & Tot Yoga

(Ages 3 & under)

Register Here

Students are welcome to spend up to 15 minutes in our front room before and after class! 


6-week series - $130+gst per child

(Little Yogi's, Yoga Stars, CALM)

PlaYoga 6-week series - $180+gst per child

Family Yoga - $145+gst 

Parent + Child Yoga - $145+gst

Sampler Class - $25+gst per child

PlaYoga Sampler Class - $30+gst


Fun Incentives!

Track your classes on our big “class tracker board” at the studio! Receive a sticker for each class you attend. When you fill the whole row, receive a special Wymbin hat!

Adult and kid sizes available :) 

Good to Know

Wymbin accepts funding from organizations such as KidSport and JumpStart! Click the websites below to find out more about eligibility.

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