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by wymbin

Clover's Magical Birthday at Wymbin

A guest post by Alexandra Joy Wigg

I am so excited to share about our amazing experience hosting my daughter, Clover's 6th birthday party at Wymbin. Both my girls have fall birthdays and I'm always on the lookout for great indoor party options in Calgary... and boy, did we find one! We live in Inglewood and have always loved Wymbin, so Clover was over the moon excited to have her party there. 

We had eight kiddos and I invited parents to come and hang and have a coffee during the party. I loved Wymbin's flexibility with having parents around and a few little toddler siblings in the mix. They were so accommodating and hospitable. I absolutely love party planning, so I was also so impressed with Wymbin's flexibility with bringing in decor and food and flowers and all those extra touches that are really important to me. They are totally wiling to partner with you on the perfect party package that works best for you and your child, and they have some really fun offerings! 

To start Clover's party, I'd made a fairy wand for each kiddo and when they arrived it was waiting for them on their mats. Miss Molly then took the kids through the most magical fairy themed yoga practice to kick off the party. The kids loved it! I loved observing the kids having fun, learning new poses, and working together in partners. The practice was a perfect balance of fun and make believe and mindfulness. I especially loved listening to Miss Molly encourage the kids and call them each by name throughout the session. 

At one point, Miss Molly had each child say what they loved most about the birthday girl. "I love Clover's smile.", "I love that Clover is so nice.", "I love hanging out with Clover at school." She was elated. It was a very meaningful touch and something she continues to talk about. 

After the yoga practice, the kids moved on to doing a craft. I had sourced and brought all the supplies for the art portion of the party, but if this isn't your thing, Wymbin will partner with you on these activities and details! Clover and her friends painted wooden fairy houses and then filled them with moss, rocks, feathers, sequins, and little fairy figurines. It was a hit! 

From there, the kids enjoyed sweet and savoury "fairy snack" platters I'd made and we had cupcakes and the kids enjoyed some games and a little dance party. It was all so wonderful! Clover had the most special time and loved each aspect of the party. I also heard from many of the parents in attendance, that they thought the party was so well run by Wymbin and their kiddos had a great time. What a special afternoon! 

Right now, Wymbin is offering 10% off party packages if you pre-book in the month of November (your party can be anytime, but the discount applies if you book within the month). Use code: wymbinparty when booking. 

We loved our Wymbin birthday party experience and hope you will too! Send me any questions you might have about what I put together for Clover's party or any questions about hosting at Wymbin. I'd love to chat! 

xo Alexandra / @alexandrajoywig 

Party credits: 

Photography: Justine Milton / @miltonphoto  Decor & floral design: Alexandra (A.J.) Wig / @alexandrajoywig  Cupcakes: Pretty Sweet Bakeshop / @prettysweetyyc 


Alexandra (A.J.) Wig is a local Calgary creative, photo stylist and floral designer. She was most recently the Style Editor of Dote Magazine, before taking time off to be with her girls, Clover Eloise (6) and Luna Mauve (2). You can find her creating at home, exploring local gems with her family, designing at her neighbourhood floral studio, and working on her next big creative business venture. 

Follow A.J on Instagram @alexandrajoywigg


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