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Ready for Camp Wymbin + Makers Camp adventures?!

Our camp offers various opportunities to explore and experience nature, mindfulness, creativity and yoga first hand through experiential fun and learning. 

Camp Wymbin + Makers Camp is suitable for children ages 5 - 10 years ready for full day adventures with their fellow campers.
Campers will be divided based on age group into a younger and older group. 

Schedule + Themes

Please see the available options for each camp below + select the option you would like when signing up.


Camp Wymbin + Makers Camp

Ages 5 - 10


Week 1: YOGART

Mon July 4th - Fri July 6th

8:00am - 5:00pm daily


Camp Wymbin: Is your child a mini Picasso? Matisse? Or Van Gogh? Grab your paintbrushes and join us for a creative and art-tastic week. Express your creativity this week filled with crafts, outdoor painting and colourful chakra inspired yoga.

Makers Camp: Calling all art lovers! Express your creativity in this camp through nature filled crafts, learn about the chakras with meditation and yoga, and sculptures that we’ll be working on throughout the week!


Week 2: WILD Wild West

Mon July 11th - Fri July 15th

8:00am - 5:00pm daily

Camp Wymbin: Put on your cowboy boots and cozy on down to the studio for a fun filled western themes week. Come make your own horse, design your own cowboy boots and yeehaw all week long in yoga!


Makers Camp: Yeehaw!! Join us for some western themed yoga and crafts. Use your imagination to think of your own ride to have at the midway festival, design your own cowboy hat, and gallop away into the sunset!




Mon July 18th - Fri July 22nd

8:00am - 5:00pm daily


Camp Wymbin: It's going to be a hot one–rain or shine. We are at the beach this week. Join us for some fun in the sun as we bask in the summer sun. Come create fun beach scenes, make palm trees, and pretend we are on a warm beach practicing our yoga. 

Makers Camp: Put your sunscreen on and bring your towels, we are heading to the beach this week! Come and join us for a fun filled beach themed camp this week. We will do yoga by the water, make our own beach, and explore the different ocean animals! 




Mon July 25th - Fri July 29th

8:00am - 5:00pm daily


Camp WymbinCalling all superkids, We need your help! The studio needs some trusty superheroes this week. Come personalize your own superhero mask and fly around the city. Learn what it takes to become a super kid in mindfulness yoga sessions and meditation.

Makers Camp: We want to learn more about being good citizens for our city and we need your help! In this week of camp we will work on projects that can help our communities, for example, how to solve littering, how to keep our local animals safe, and more! With your help we can keep our communities thriving!




Tue August 2nd - Fri August 5th

8:00am - 5:00pm daily

- NO Camp Mon 1st for Heritage Day -


Camp WymbinPut on your exploring hats and become a wilderness, rainforest, or desert explorer! Campers will adventure to new places, create treasure maps of their own and learn what it takes to become an explorer! Adventure awaits!

Makers Camp: Come explore the wilderness with us! Bring your binoculars because we will be observing different environments and the world beyond our homes! Join us as we make our own adventure maps, find treasure and practice pirate yoga! Climb on board!




Mon August 8th - Fri August 12th

8:00am - 5:00pm daily


Camp WymbinCalling all robot experts, channel your inner robot and shuffle your way into the studio this week. We will be learning about what it takes to be a robot, practicing robot yoga and building your own robot from loose parts. No electronics used–simply our imagination!

Makers Camp: Makers will be challenged to create their own loose parts robot, mindful robot yoga, and a robot outfit! Channel your inner robot and imagine you are being built by a wacky scientist, being mindful of your body as we practice along!




Mon August 15th - Fri August 19th

8:00am - 5:00pm daily


Camp WymbinTake your exploration outside as we learn about the environment around us. Join us for nature walks, outdoor games, and nature based crafts. We will be making crafts such as wood cookies and more, to celebrate our love and appreciation for nature this week. 

Makers Camp: The smell of pine trees and a fresh summer breeze–learn to take in your environment and appreciate nature as we take our practice outdoors into the park. Enjoy lots of outdoor games with friends, nature walks, and art activities–including transferring your own ink drawing onto a piece of wood! Work on wood-creations that will be special keepsakes and camp memories.




Mon August 22nd - Fri August 26th

8:00am - 5:00pm daily

Camp WymbinIt’s time to hop around the world in our yoga classes this week so get ready for a ton of fun!! Each day, campers will travel to a new place, learn about it’s traditions and history, and create crafts inspired by different countries.

Makers Camp: Geography, music, culture, art, traditions, the environment... all will be explored throughout the week. What does tradition mean to us and how do people in other countries live? Why? Campers will work together to build and create a paper cache globe, embodying their learnings from the week. 

We can't wait to see you & your family for magical adventures this summer!

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