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Family Yoga

We know the benefits of practicing yoga are endless - from helping with flexibility and balance to promoting healthy habits and a positive lifestyle. But did you know doing yoga with family members offers even more positive perks? Doing yoga with the people we love can develop and strengthen bonds and is a fun activity for family members of all ages - from newborns to teenagers!

Classes at Wymbin are suitable for all levels and are structured to encourage authentic connection with the people we love, working together as a team and act as a kind reminder to laugh and breathe. You will be introduced to fun and engaging yoga postures designed to interact with your loved ones and move your body.

Together in class you will build confidence and learn to remain present in the moment. You will help your child develop a positive body image and be by their side as they recognize emotions and learn to manage stress and anxiety. On your mats you will try poses together that will encourage communication and trust, you will do poses alone to develop a positive sense of independence and self and - best of all - you’ll have a great time together!

Here are a few of our favourite partner and group yoga poses at Wymbin…

1. Wide Legged Straddle Stretch

Partners sit facing each other with legs stretched out wide in a V-shape. Hold hands, wrists or arms and take turns gently pulling one partner towards the other.

2. Partner Boat Pose

Partners sit facing each other with legs together and bent. Hold hands, touch toes with your partner and try lifting your feet up together.

3. Partner Child’s Pose

One partner gets into Child’s Pose while the other partner sits on the floor behind them, facing away. The person sitting down will gently lay their back down on their partner’s back.

4. Group Tree Pose

Standing in a circle with any number of people, face each other, hold hands and come into Tree Pose together. Lift your arms as you work on keeping your balance as a team.

5. Downward Dog Tunnel

Everyone in the group stands side by side in a line and gets into Downward Facing Dog. The person at the end of the line will crawl through the tunnel and get into Downward Facing Dog on the other end. The next person follows!

Try out some of these poses at home then come and take a class at Wymbin to learn more!

For July and August we are offering donation based family yoga classes at Jack Long Park.

Come join us each Sunday from 10:30am - 11:15am all summer long!

Stay tuned for fall yoga classes. We will be offering three different classes for parents and children:

  • 45-minute “Parent and Tot” class for children ages 0-3,

  • 45-minute “Parent / Child” class for children ages 4-6

  • 1-hour “Parent / Child” class for children over 7.

See you on your mats!

- Paige Johnston

Paige is an interior designer and design strategist based in Calgary. She began practicing yoga in 2010 and completed her 200h Teacher Training in 2014. Paige quickly went on to do her 50h Kids and Youth Yoga Teacher Training at Wymbin and then completed Every Kids Yoga for Special Needs in New York City. Paige loves leading children, families and adults through tree poses, handstands and giggling savasana!

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