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Let's get ready for Summer Camp!

Here's what you need to know to prepare


Please be sure to have completed the SmartWaiver form prior to the camp start date. We require these to be completed prior to your child’s first day of camp. If your child is registered for multiple camps this summer, you only need to complete this once.

Click here to complete the required SmartWaiver form

IMPORTANT:  If your child has any allergies or requires any medication during camp hours you must complete additional medical forms. Please see the section below. 



If your child has any allergies or conditions that require an epipen or inhaler, please complete the Medical SmartWaiver and speak to the Camp Leader on the first day so they are clear on medication location / usage etc. We will require the below medical forms filled out prior to arrival of the first day of camps.

Click here to complete the Medical SmartWaiver form



Our address is #50 919 9 AVE SE, right below Junction 9 yoga studio. We keep our door closed for safety but if you ring the doorbell we will be right out. We require parents/guardians to sign in your child at drop-off and sign them out at pick up. The sheets will be at the front desk.



The adults noted on the general SmartWaiver form are authorized to pick up. If another adult is picking up your child, you must inform us by emailing prior to them being able to pick up your child. The adult picking up will be required to show ID when they arrive and check out your child. If there is someone that is legally not authorized to pick up your child, please notify us at prior to camp start date.  

*Please note that an adult 18+ must pick up the camper. Campers are not permitted to sign out themselves, or be picked up by someone under the age of 18.




Drop off is between 8am-9am at Wymbin

Pick up is between 4pm-5pm at Wymbin



Drop off is at 9am at Wymbin 

Pick up is at 12 pm at Wymbin, unless otherwise noted at drop-off

Note on late pick-ups: If you are going to be early or late, please call 403-452-2549. Please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late picking up your child, you will be charged $1 by the minute, due at time of pickup.



Please be sure to pack enough food for your child throughout the day. We will be burning lots of energy, which may mean your child will be more hungry than usual. Our full day schedule has 2 snack times, and a lunch (please note that half day is 1 snack time). All food must be free of all nuts and school safe. If your child has food that contains nuts, we will remove the item immediately and call if more food is needed in replacement. 

*Please pack a large water bottle (mandatory) for your child to bring with them on our outdoor excursions.


We ask that cell phones and technology be left at home while your child is at camp. If a child has a cell phone or other personal device, we will store it at the front desk and return when they are picked up.



Please pack 1 backpack that your child can carry if needed on excursions and have your child prepared for all weather conditions. In the event of poor air quality, weather warnings, etc. we will monitor and follow Weather Canada suggestions. We try to spend a large portion of our day outside, which will require you to pack and prepare your child with labeled (name) items that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Sunscreen 

  • Bug Spray 

  • Hat 

  • Appropriate footwear (good for long walks and weather appropriate) 

  • Weather appropriate jacket and/ or sweater 

  • Large water bottle (Mandatory)



You are required to provide a sunscreen of your choice for your child. We suggest a water-resistant broad spectrum. Wymbin Educators will ensure that there is a sufficient amount of shade during outdoor excursions. 


Please apply before arriving to camp to “getting ready” time. Children will be encouraged to re-apply throughout the day and take frequent water breaks in the shade. 

Wymbin will have a children’s sunscreen in the event that your child does not. This will be used for emergency purposes only. Please advise us in writing to if you would not like us to apply the emergency sunscreen to your child. 



Full day camps may visit Trout Beach in Prince's Island Park during hotter weeks to cool off. Parents will be notified of the plan earlier in the week so they can pack accordingly. Children will be allowed to go up to their waist. There will be a minimum of two Wymbin Educators present and supervising the group, with at least one certified in First Aid and CPR-C.



At Wymbin, we emphasize learning through play and encourage creative problem solving and conflict resolution, and risky plan (within reason). With that said, it is never appropriate for a student to harm themselves, others, a teacher, or property, or to put themselves or others in a potentially harmful situation.


It is expected that all Campers are able to follow instructions and participate with the group activity safely. In the instance that a Camper is displaying unsafe behaviour or is unable to participate with the group, a parent will be called for early pick-up. In the instance of multiple issues, the Camper may be asked not to return.


Incidents can be described as any inappropriate or physical behaviour (ie pushing, shoving, hitting, inappropriate language, destruction of property, etc.) Wymbin staff will use their discretion to determine which actions are problematic and warrant escalation.



In order to safeguard the health of all children attending camps, our philosophy is that children and staff have the right to participate and attend summer camps that promote and provide a healthy environment. If your child is not well enough, they should be kept at home. Children are required to be kept at home if they have any symptoms of a fever over 38C, diarrhea, vomiting or a new or unexplained cough and/or rash.


If it has been determined by staff that a child shows any symptoms as outlined, the parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child 30 minutes from the time of notification. If parents fail to answer the phone or return emails, the emergency contact will be notified and asked to pick up the child.



All cancellation requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the camp/lesson start date. Cancellations less than 2 weeks from the start date are not eligible for credit or refund.  Refunds and credit are subject to a $50 cancellation/administration fee per registration.  

• REFUND CLARIFICATION EXAMPLE: If you require a refund, there is a $50 administrative fee per registration (per child, and per week). For example, if  you have two children registered in the same week, this counts as two registrations (2  x $50), or if you have one child registered for two weeks, you also have two  registrations (2 x $50). 

Please note that credit notes will expire 12 months from the date of issue. This credit note can be  used within your family towards any of our programs offered. Once a credit is issued to you, it  cannot be converted to a refund. 

There are no credits or refunds for missed days due to changed work or vacation schedules,  sick days, or other non-emergency reasons. 

We recognize that extenuating circumstances exist. For cancellations due to medical  illnesses, or for any other compassionate reason, please apply in writing to (no more than 14 days after the end of the program) for a potential credit. If the reason is medical or illness please include official documentation. 


Further questions? Please email or call 403-452-2549. We look forward to welcoming you to a summer of fun!


PS - Have a friend who wants to join? Looking for a second (or third) week of camp? We still have a few spots remaining in some of our camps - Discover summer camps at Wymbin here

Join us for our 2024 Summer Camps!

Camp Policies 

These policies apply to all camps hosted through Wymbin including: KINDer Camps, Camp Wymbin, and Makers Camps.

By registering for a camp with us, you agree to these policies & terms.

Where is Wymbin? 


Based in the community of Inglewood, there is no shortage of spots to explore. We love accessing the awesome parks & green spaces in the neighbourhood.

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