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by wymbin

Good Things Grow Here: Options for Early Childhood Education at Wymbin

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Guest Post written by local mama & our lovely friend, Catherine Wigg.

Catherine and her two lovely littles hanging out at Wymbin!

Wymbin is a local yoga studio that offers Preschool and Yoga Sprouts child care in beautiful Inglewood. It is just below Junction9 and they have a beautiful working relationship where you can drop your kids off at school and head upstairs for a yoga or pilates class or sit in Wymbin and do your work - which I am currently doing!

During their school day the kids will often do a mindfulness craft (more blog posts to come on those!) - move their body, usually by yoga or dance - and lots of play based learning. 

William and Georgia love their schools so much. William was in another "Emilia Reggio" based preschool and when he would ask what school he was going to, he was SO sad when he found out he wasn't going to school with Miss Ana. We decided to pull him out of the other preschool because he was so sad when going. 

A few of my favourite things about Wymbin and the staff are:

- How aware they are of how they speak to kids.

- They are always very aware and gentle and listen to kids as if they were adults.

- They always find ways to incorporate mindfulness. 

- William constantly teaches me different things he learns in school from yoga, deep breathing and about things he learns from Miss Ana. 

Yoga Sprouts is for kids ages 2-5 years old! Georgia goes to Sprouts while William is in school so I can get some kid-free time in. There is a lovely parents lounge for the parents to hang out in while Sprouts is in session. You do have to spend 9-11am in either Sprouts or Junction9 so you are close in case you are needed. (Lately Georgia is having a hard time leaving me so there have been times she has had to come out for some cuddles!!) 

Last time Michael was home we had a little date upstairs at Junction9 and had a coffee together (technically I had a vegan hot chocolate - delicious!). There are many options for you during this time. I also see caregivers just reading and saying "I didn't do anything for those 2 hours - it felt so nice!" 

Sankalpa Preschool is from ages 3-5 years old. I can't wait till Georgia can be in this program as well so I can get THREE hours of work done because it is from 9-12pm. There are also afternoon options available from 1-4pm for preschool! Registration is open for January spots!

"SANKALPA is an idea that is formed in your heart or mind- we believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow and innovate creatively in a supportive, interesting, and engaging environment." - Wymbin


Email: or Call: (403) 452 2549

Catherine Wigg is a local mama who shares her journey about living naturally, essential oils, her adorable family and the cutest mobile home from her blog Oh Those Baby Feels.

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