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by wymbin

Mindfulness + Movement: Students Need Both

“Balance is key”. It’s the old adage that we all try to accomplish–that life-work balance dream.

But it’s no wonder we find this so hard. We never practiced it and learned it as part of our routines growing up. Working hard and staying busy is great. Feeling purposeful and putting all of your effort into what you are doing is fantastic. But you are important too. This is a message that we need to instill in our students in order to boost their wellbeing, and ultimately their success.

The Wymbin Mind & Move Program has been taught in schools across Calgary for the past 6 years. We aim to bring comprehensive wellness solutions to school communities to boost productivity and emphasize health & wellbeing from an early age. We have customized curriculum for students in daycare and preschool all the way to high school. We work with students of all abilities, strengths, and unique qualities. It doesn’t matter if you have never stepped on a yoga mat–we support your students through every step.

At the core of our program is movement through a yoga-based practice. We recognize that students need to MOVE–whether it is a brain break, reflection period, or just a chance to connect to self. The reason that yoga is such a strong practice for youth is that it allows them to connect to themselves and process feelings without having to verbalize or write about what they are feeling. It can be awkward growing up and figuring out who you are. It’s not always totally comfortable to speak about our challenges or discomforts–it can even be challenging celebrating what makes us great! As a self-reflective practice, yoga provides the open space and time for students to focus on themselves by connecting to the breath, following the movement, and tuning out their stresses and anxieties.

We also integrate mental wellness heavily into our program. Students are introduced to concepts such as changing your perspective (growth mindset versus fixed mindset), facing anxiety, and ways that we can work towards ‘being okay’ when we are not feeling okay. It's important to give students tangible tools and strategies that they can practice during our program so that they can carry these skills with them at school, at home, and as they go about their daily lives.

Our programs are inclusive and celebrate the unique qualities that make every student positive contributors to their school community. We highlight wins, work on challenges, laugh, and encourage students to TRY.

"It’s not just about getting on your yoga mat and doing a workout. It is about tuning into yourself, how you ‘show up’ in the world, and making sure that both of those things align." - Jenna Galloway, Wymbin Founder + Director.

We are empowering students to take responsibility for their wellbeing and be advocates for positivity, inclusion, and forward-thinking.

We encourage you to book a discovery call with one of our Educators today, or email us for program information at Check out our digital brochure for concise information including the program curriculum.

We look forward to continuing to work with the incredible Calgary community and inspire change within our schools!

- Jenna Galloway

Jenna Galloway is the founder and director of Wymbin–advocating for education and mental wellness for youth. Her focus is to provide opportunities for youth to thrive by building their capacity through meaningful connection.

Jenna is a qualified E-RYT 500, 95hr RCYT, and Specialized Yin Yoga Teacher. She has poured her heart into creating Wymbin + cultivating a philosophy that extends beyond the walls of our Inglewood studio in Calgary.

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