"To Begin": 3 Day Training

Your big leap into teaching kids yoga! 


UPAKARMA is Sanskrit for "To Begin". This 3 day foundational kids yoga teacher training program that will certify you to teach children and youth (from ages 2 to 16). This will be the beginning of your journey. 

This training is part 1 of 2 in our complete training. Please note you are not required to take both part 1 and part 2 and/or register for both courses at the same time. 

The Breakdown


Total Training: 30 hrs​

  • 1 Hours Pre-Requisite Reading & Preparation 

  • 24 In-Class Hours

  • 5 Hours Online Observation of Classes

By taking our 3 Day Introductory Training you will...

  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of your training that certifies you to instruct yoga for children, teens, and families. 

  • Learn about the "Wymbin approach" to wellness & education and how we practice this through what we teach.

  • Build class plans based on the "Wymbin Framework"- two tools that help you to structure a class for any age group. 

  • Become confident in finding your voice and feeling ready to get out into the world and teach!

  • Yoga, mindfulness, breathing, games, and activities that you can use in your classes, at home, or even in your classroom at school!

  • Delve into how we can make yoga classes a safe space for all individuals to breathe, move, and connect. 

  • Explore the stages of childhood development- including factors that influence each stage and how we can support growth through our practice. 

  • Connect with like-minded and passionate educators who want to make a difference! After completing this course, you receive access to our private Wymbin Yoga Teacher Trainees Facebook Forum to access shared resources, conversation, and engage with other teachers who have completed the training. 

Learning Objectives


  • Learn about Kids Yoga as a specialty - why it exists, benefits to children & youth, holistic and 'upstream' approach to health.

  • Uncover personal blockages and determine your 'WHY', direction, and purpose as a teacher.

  • Provide tools for reflection, self-awareness, and discovery.

  • Find support in finding your voice and confidence.

  • Re-discover your Inner Child and how to create + play with movement.

  • Formulate strong, creative & engaging lesson plans.

  • Become familiar with Alignment Principles, posture breakdown, and queuing for various ages.

  • Be encouraged to explore postures in depth and learn how to effectively communicate to different ages- be able to provide adjustments, alternatives, and make your students feel connected & comfortable.

  • Explore yogic philosophy and how these lessons translate on and off the mat.

  • Incorporating mindfulness, breathing and meditation techniques.

  • Learn how to sustain your teaching and the basic business of kids & youth yoga. 

  • Narrow your focus and find your niche: discovering your purpose and direction for working with children & youth. 

Course Curriculum


​Detailed curriculum is provided upon confirmation of registration. 

PART 1: Introduction to Kids Yoga

​PART 2: Techniques, Training & Practice

PART 3: Teaching Methodology

PART 4: Anatomy and Physiology

PART 5: Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, Practice, and Connection

PART 6: Supplementary Teaching Tools 





​Cost: $825+gst.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Your deposit can be transferred to an alternative training date in the event that you should need to withdraw your registration.

Payment plans are available. Please note that payment plans must be set up at least 2 weeks in advance of the 3-day training weekend. Please email hello@wymbinyoga.com for more information.


Materials Provided


UPAKARMA Teacher Training Manual

All Supplies Needed


UPAKARMA Youth Yoga Teacher Certificate (upon completion)

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2021 Yoga Teacher Training Dates


UPAKARMA Friday July 9th- Sunday July 11th 2021 9am-5pm



UPAKARMA Friday October 15th- Sunday October 17th 2021 9am-5pm



Trainings will be hosted virtually using Zoom if we are unable to host in person due to COVID. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot. This deposit can be transferred to another training date with 2 weeks notice or in the event the training cannot be hosted due to COVID and the trainee wants to complete training in person at a later date.

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Please use the booking tool below to sign up before the registration deadline.


Contact the team! We are here to support you + are so excited for your journey to begin.


(403) 452 2549

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