5 Benefits of Introducing Your Children to Camps

Calling all aspiring Einsteins!

There’s still space to sign up for Wymbin’s ‘Mindful Scientist’ spring camp - (March 21-25, 2022) - and our summer camps are open for registration too!

While Camp Wymbin (ages 5-7) is now sold out, there's still a chance to register for our Makers Camp (ages 8-12).

Wymbin seasonal camps offer your child a safe, nurturing, and loving space where they can truly be themselves and learn to grow + flourish through adventures with their team of certified Wymbin educators and other campers aboard.

Through movement, mindfulness, and intentional nature-based crafts, kids learn about unity & community, develop a sense of belonging, and deepen their connection to self, others, nature, and the world around us.

But why introduce your child to seasonal camps?

1. It helps them build friendships and social skills

It may seem scary at first to enter a whole new social world at camps, but they are the perfect opportunity and fresh slate for children to create new friendships! They are free from any social pressures from school and can interact with others in a relaxed and informal setting. Wymbin camps encourage children to co-operate with one another and how to communicate effectively with their peers.

2. It introduces movement and keeps them active!