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5 Benefits of Introducing Your Children to Camps

Calling all aspiring Einsteins!

There’s still space to sign up for Wymbin’s ‘Mindful Scientist’ spring camp - (March 21-25, 2022) - and our summer camps are open for registration too!

While Camp Wymbin (ages 5-7) is now sold out, there's still a chance to register for our Makers Camp (ages 8-12).

Wymbin seasonal camps offer your child a safe, nurturing, and loving space where they can truly be themselves and learn to grow + flourish through adventures with their team of certified Wymbin educators and other campers aboard.

Through movement, mindfulness, and intentional nature-based crafts, kids learn about unity & community, develop a sense of belonging, and deepen their connection to self, others, nature, and the world around us.

But why introduce your child to seasonal camps?

1. It helps them build friendships and social skills

It may seem scary at first to enter a whole new social world at camps, but they are the perfect opportunity and fresh slate for children to create new friendships! They are free from any social pressures from school and can interact with others in a relaxed and informal setting. Wymbin camps encourage children to co-operate with one another and how to communicate effectively with their peers.

2. It introduces movement and keeps them active!

A recent Statistics Canada study found that just under 40 percent of youth aged five to 17 got the recommended hour a day of exercise they need.

At Wymbin camps, physical activity is encouraged through the form of fun and games, allowing youth to adopt a healthy lifestyle, often without even realizing it! Movement is something we incorporate into all of our camps, whether that’s through yoga, walking, games, play, and imaginative play.

3. They build confidence, resiliency, and leadership

Camps encourage children to go outside of their comfort zone and try something new. By allowing children to take risks and face challenges, camp helps children build their independence + leadership, resiliency, and self-esteem in a safe, supervised, and supportive environment. Mindfulness is a priority for us at Wymbin, and so we incorporate self-regulation, breathing, and meditation into our camps–a skillset that children will carry with them as they evolve into empowered adults.

4. It encourages children to get outdoors and in nature

Nature is at the heart of what we do. By learning to appreciate the world we live in, we raise caring, compassionate and kind children. Based in our community of Inglewood, there is no shortage of spots to explore. Wymbin campers will have access to parks and green spaces in our neighbourhood, including visits to:

- Local playgrounds in the Inglewood area.

- The East Village ‘red’ playground and green space for socially-distanced group activities.

- St Patrick’s Island for exploring.

- The new Jack Long Park.

5. Most importantly, they’re FUN!

Kids just want to have fun–and they need lots of it! Wymbin camps give children the playtime they need while encouraging creativity, movement, and social engagement.

Wymbin hosts spring, summer, and winter camps for your littles to join in with. The Wymbin team is looking forward to welcoming campers to a happy, fun, and safe space this spring.

To register head to our website and check out Spring/Summer Camps!

-Good things grow here!

- Wymbin Team

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