lunchbox letters

by wymbin

Journey as an Educator by Rachel Groen

My name is Rachel, and I am an elementary teacher, a yoga teacher for kids and adults, and the Curriculum Creator for Wymbin’s Mind and Move program. I was first drawn to teaching after a couple of summers working at camp, where I fell in love with the creativity and imagination that kids bring to every part of life. I wanted to be involved! My parents are both educators, so I knew that it was also in my wheelhouse, and maybe in my genes. I went to the University of British Columbia, Okanagan for my Bachelor of Elementary Education then began teaching in Calgary. Most of my time in the classroom was spent teaching grades 1 and 2. These kids are wonderfully curious and full of great energy for learning. I loved this setting, but I began to burn out after a couple of years. During that time, a quote from Dr. Jody Carrington was always on my mind: “If you aren’t taking care of your wellness, you are taking care of your illness.” I dug deep and prioritized wellness, whereas many teachers accept burnout as “part of the job” or eventually take stress-leave.