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by wymbin

What is Meditation?

The what, why and when!

What is meditation?

Meditation can take many forms. One of the ways to understand it is as a process that helps calm the mind, self reflect, and practice being present.

Why should we practice meditation?

To fall asleep, children need to feel safe, comfortable, happy, and loved; to ultimately feel comforted about any worries they might have. In many ways these needs are no different than our own needs as adults. Because just like adults, children are overwhelmed with information and experiences daily. Learning to meditate and practice mindfulness from an early age can provide our children with the support and tools they need to maintain balance, find peace, and cope with life experiences. In other words it can help them to develop coping strategies like focus, self-control, and emotional regulation.

When should we practice meditation?

Having a routine is huge! One of the things I’ve learned during my time as an educator at Wymbin is that children invest in and trust a routine most when they’ve participated in making it. So if you feel comfortable trying, encourage your kiddos to co-create a story-based guided meditation with you!

To help you begin this journey, we’ve written a bedtime meditation for you and your kiddos to try at home. Feel free to change it up in any way you see fit, or to just use it as is :)

Happy meditating Wymbin fam!

Download this Winter Wonderland Meditation to try at home!

Winter Wonderland_Wymbin
Download PDF • 163KB

- Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham is an Early Childhood Educator in Wymbin's preschool and kindergarten program. When she isn't busy raising kind, caring, and empowered future generations ahead, you can find her feeling the beat in her feet at a local spin class or skiing in the great outdoors!

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