Happy Holidays from our Wymbin Family

Our Wymbin family is here to share with you our favourite holiday activities and traditions! We hope you enjoy reading about the many things that make the holidays so special and unique to us. What is your favourite thing to do over the winter holidays?

Jenna Galloway's Holiday

Growing up in Australia, it used to be the middle of summer during our holidays and so a favourite tradition was to go to the beach! In Canada, my favourite tradition has become getting the Christmas tree and setting it up. We collect ornaments from each place we travel to, so it is always special to unbox them and think about our special memories while we decorate the tree! A new tradition I am hoping to make this year is a celebration with our Wymbin team! This year, the thing that brought me the most joy was hearing my first loon call in the summer! I also applied for my Canadian Citizenship so I am very excited.

- Jenna Galloway

Cassidy Couture's Holiday

Christmas is always spent with my family, either in Calgary, Edmonton, or Invermere. We spend Christmas Eve playing games, wrapping last minute gifts, and setting up the milk and cookies for Santa (and carrots for the reindeer of course!). On Christmas Day we open our presents with hot apple cider and go on a long walk before coming home to start making our big Christmas dinner.
There are so many traditions that I love! After our big Christmas dinner on the 25th we get a "dinner gift" which is always a book. When my grandfather was around he would write a special note in our books and I treasure those books/notes, especially since his passing. Another favourite tradition of mine is all the Christmas baking that my family does! My favourites include fudge, chocolate chip shortbread cookies, and butter tarts.
This year I hope to continue a new tradition of stringing popcorn for our tree and driving around communities looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music.

- Cassidy Couture